Author Breathe! II
Health & Performance Edition.


‘Russ Moon's ground breaking book Breath! II Health and Performance Edition is a principled based, proven breathing system designed to improve your health, strength and performance. Expect immediate results that are measurable and repeatable. I highly recommend Russ Moon Breath! II Workshops. These events will catapult your performance to the next level’

-Jeff Martone, Master of Sports, CrossFit Kettlebell SME, Founder of Tactical Athlete Training Systems, Inc.



Author Breathe! II – Health and Performance Edition


The Citadel, Charleston, South Carolina Bachelor of Science, Business Administration Strayer University Masters of Business Administration Academic Honors 4.0 GPA



The author does an excellent job of communicating the techniques in "easily digestible chunks," so that anyone can follow along. I am stronger, feel lighter, and hold far more stamina in my daily activities-this includes running long distances, jumping, calisthenics, and performing any type of pressing or pulling movement. Breathe! II will take your mind and body to the next level. Try Breathe! II 3x/week...then tell me that your life doesn't change.

-Spenser Rogers, Personal Trainer

This book gives a new meaning to word "breathe", an activity we perform without even thinking. I have incorporated some of these exercises into my daily routine. I feel lighter and taller when I do the exercises. I am able to run faster and longer. As a healthcare provider and fitness enthusiast I would recommend Breath! II as a definite read!.

-Diane Sinnatamby. MD FACP

‘Russ Moon is on to something. Most of the muscle group specific training and general fitness training available today can improve specific and general stamina, but none of it really seems to address recruitment and development of key respiratory muscles. The recruitment with less energy expenditure. The Breathe! II techniques will be shown to enhance performance, not only in just about any athletic endeavor, but also in activities of normal daily life’

Michael E Kelly MD FACC